Being a passionate of physical activity from a young age, it's in 2021 that Antoine Grimard decided to give birth to his dream business in order to offer a wide variety of high quality fitness accessories to the functional training community.


Antoine Grimard

What to say about our founder? Well Antoine has always been a real passionate of physical activities.


In 2013, at 14 years old, he will discover his true passion for Crossfit™️. A that time he did not know that this particular sport would change his life forever. After only a couple of months, his daily training will turn into a real desire to compete in the sport. 


After 4 years of training regularly, twice a day, 6 days a week, Antoine will attend some of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

From the iconic Wodapalooza in Miami to the North America finals of the "CROSSFIT GAMES™️", Antoine will realise his dream of competing in the biggest competition of the entire continent.

After years of competing, in 2020 an opportunity will present itself to the now retired athlete. Alone and with no experience, The 22 years old will decide to buy some used fitness accessories and resell them on various market place such as Ebay, Facebook market and others. After a couple of months of selling, Antoine will decide to launch his very own fitness accessory brand called SRX Products.

After months of hard work and 22 months of pandemic SRX Products INC. was born...

...The rest is history 


"For me, SRX is more than just a simple brand. We aspire to build a movement that will inspire people to go through their mental barrier, discover their full potential as human being.

This is the real purpose of our business...

We want to help you #BUILDYOURLEGACY"

-Antoine Grimard

Founder of SRX Products INC.