6mm knee sleeves
6mm knee sleeves
6mm knee sleeves

6mm knee sleeves

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A pair of knee sleeves for all your exercises!

⭐️ Hybrid thickness to allow you to perform all your exercises with just one pair of knee sleeves.

⭐️ Ultra-flexible material designed for comfort.

⭐️ Ergonomic length for unique freedom of movement.


Sold in pair X2

Hand Protection

Unique versatility!


Jack Farlow performing a world record during the "clean and jerk" event by lifting 396 lbs at the 2023 Crossfit Games!


The 6mm hybrid thickness is the ideal thickness for training enthusiasts who are seeking optimal and versatile support!

This versatility provides support across a wider range of exercises, serving as the perfect middle ground between the classic 5mm knee sleeve (designed for functional training) and the bulkier 7mm knee sleeve (designed for heavy lifting).

Absolutely! We offer a 6-month warranty on our Knee Sleeves!

Of course, this takes into account normal wear and tear of the product worn on the knees and used for its primary function, which is knee support!

Once the 6-month period has elapsed, if you think your situation is out of the ordinary, please do not hesitate to write to us.

In order to allow you the best possible freedom of movement without reducing the effectiveness of the 6mm knee sleeves in supporting your knees, we have designed them to be shorter, thus enabling you to move without restriction or discomfort despite a thickness of 6mm.

Made from premium neoprene, our knee sleeves offer unparalleled flexibility and elasticity. They conform to the shape of your knees, providing support that feels almost invisible.

After extensive research and numerous prototypes, we have achieved a level of comfort that makes you forget you're wearing anything on your knees, yet still feel incredibly supported.